Aashay Sanghvi

Partner at Haystack, a seed and early stage venture capital firm.

We’re proud to be early investors in exceptional companies like Applied Intuition, Astranis, Buf, Carta, Citizen, Databook, DoorDash, Esper, Figma, Hadrian, Hashicorp, Haus, Instacart, Ironclad, Kinetic Automation, LatchBio, Lattice, Multiverse, Mux, Nominal, Norm AI, nTop, Opendoor, People.ai, Pomerium, Redpanda, Saildrone, Saronic, Scribe, Silo, and many others.

I live in San Francisco, CA. Prior to Haystack, I helped start Branch Furniture and studied economics and history at Harvard.

I am a technology optimist and believe that everything big starts small.

On the Internet


aashay [at] haystack dot vc