Aashay Sanghvi


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I work as an investor at Haystack, an early stage venture capital firm. We invest in pre-seed and seed rounds in startups across sectors and geographies. The fund is an early investor in category-defining companies like Instacart, DoorDash, Hashicorp, Carta, Opendoor, Figma, Ironclad, nTopology, People.ai and many others.

I work on our investments in the following companies, among others in stealth:

- Buf (pre-seed): Making protocol buffers easy to create, maintain, and consume
- Cloud Query (seed): Cloud infrastructure security
- Emerge Tools (seed): Mobile application performance and monitoring
- Higo (seed): B2B payments platform in Latin America
- Latch (seed): Data and ML infrastructure for biotech companies
- Okteto (seed): Cloud native development infrastructure
- Polar Signals (seed): Continuous profiling as a service
- Pomerium (pre-seed): Zero trust application access
- Vectorized (seed): A modern streaming platform for mission critical workloads

Prior to Haystack, I was on the founding team at Branch, a furniture company for the workplace and home.


aashay [at] haystack dot vc