Aashay Sanghvi

I'm a Partner at Haystack, a venture capital firm run by a small team. Over the last decade, Haystack has been an early investor in DoorDash, Instacart, Hashicorp, Figma, Applied Intuition, Ironclad, Redpanda, and many other startups.

I work across all of our investing activity, and have sourced and supported software businesses in almost every sector including enterprise / IT, AI / ML, financial services, life sciences, industrials, and more. I joined early in my career and feel lucky that I've found something I want to do for a long time.

I'm based in San Francisco, CA. Prior to Haystack, I helped start a furniture company and studied economics and history at Harvard.

I am a technology optimist and believe that everything big starts small.

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aashay [at] haystack dot vc